Materialography/Minerology sample preparation/examination


  • Cutting: Precision Cutting Machines, Cutting Accessories, Cutting consumables, Selection of Cut-Off Wheels
  • Mounting: Hot Mounting Presses, Cold mounting Presses, Vacuum Impregnation, Consumables for cold and Hot mounting
  • Grinding & Polishing; Manual, Semiautomatic and fully automated grinding & Polishing machines
  • Electrolytic Polishing & etching machines
  • Grinding and Polishing consumables; Polishing Cloths, Oxide Polishing, Diamond Products
  • Complete range of equipment & consumables for the preparation of mineralogical, geological, and ceramic specimens covering the entire preparation process – from initial cutting to the finished thin section or polished section, ready for microscopic examination.
  • Image Analysis Modules: Lab Management software for Materialographers
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